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11 things every girl should always carry in her handbag

For every girl, your handbag is like a best friend and nowadays handbag are the big craze for every girl especially to know what’s inside in it?

Suppose you go somewhere without your handbag you feel like your part of you is missing. Some essential things are actually very important more than an accessory, they are very essential too.

What’s inside your handbag is pretty much needed for everyday living. Here are the things that every girl should carry in her handbag.

11 Things you should carry in our handbag:

A Make-up bag/Pouch:

Make-up kinds of stuff are necessary for all girls and they just love to wear. Have a make-up pouch in your bag to keep all your necessities gather in one place. It is very easy to handle

11 things every girl should always carry in her handbag

Stuff to have in your makeup pouch:

  • Hairbrush
  • Kajal
  • Earrings
  • Hair ties & Bobby pins
  • Lipstick
  • Lip balm
  • Hand lotion
  • Perfume
  • Compact mirror etc;

(And more related things which are mandatory for your own personal use)

A Notebook/Notepad:

To note something’s to purchase while you go shopping or to write down your creative thoughts.


So you write down all your ideas and important things

Sunglasses and scarf:

When it is too hot it helps to protect your eyes and head especially in this summer

Pack of tissues:

Always have tissues with you to clean up yourself and uses a lot at times

Sanitary napkin:

You girls know the value of keeping this stuff in your handbag. So it is must to have napkins(at least 2) with you. It is nice who can say “yes” when someone asks if anyone has a napkin

Snack box and Water Bottle:

These are the essentials that will keep you from getting dehydrated and feels down. Have a snack box which is very compact to you with some nuts, fruits, peanut bars or some biscuits which you like. This helps to prevent hunger

Baby wipes:

It is such a great thing for removing makeup and gives your face a cool refresh

Portable mobile charger & Headphones:

11 things every girls should carry in her handbag

There is nothing worse than having your phone die with no way of charging it until you get back home at the end of the night

Hand sanitizer:

Our hands come in contact with so many things whether you are opening a door, handling cash or something there are germs everywhere.

It keeps ourselves clean and germ-free


11 things every girl should carry in her handbag

It is obviously needed for everyone in case of an emergency.

Okay, girls other than this what and all things carry in your handbag?

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  1. Salma yusuff says:

    That’s a great idea dr…👌

  2. Fathima asmath says:

    Coolllll! Babiee I used to carry my wallet wid me (including passport size photo of mine)… I think this s also an important thing to carry in a handbag…

  3. English says:

    Yeah well… Hope it should be a big bag apparently..

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