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Hello, beauties…!!! Welcome to justformyhub fam. How are you all? I’m here with another interesting topic. Come let’s go to the topic.

7 things to do before going to bed


One of my favorite part of every day is getting into bed at night. There are some things need to do before you go to bed so that your morning will be easier and tensionless.

Sometimes the morning can be tough at the time. So I planned to share with you a few things to do before you go to bed to have the best day.

“Your Morning Routine Starts the Night Before”

7 Things to do before going to bed:

Read atleast 20-30 minutes:

7 things to do before going to bed

Read any kind of books that help you to feel sleepy. Bedtime reading ritual can enhance your sleep. It improves cognitive function.


7 things to do before going to bed

After a long day, your body and muscles are bound to be tense. Even you might not notice that you’re tense, until you, stretch it out.

Some good stretching exercises are,

  • General body stretch
  • General neck stretch
  • Camel Pose
  • Squats

Skincare Routine:

7 things to do before going to bed

Don’t you dare to go to bed with your makeup is still on. I don’t force you to do perfect skin care. Of course, it is a bit difficult for busy mom’s. 

(Check my recent post on 7 Easy self-care tips for busy moms)

I prefer simple skin care for your delicate skin.

Set next day goals:(Plan for tomorrow)

7 things to do before going to bed

There is nothing worse than laying on your bed and thinking about your next day.
Just make a to-do list for your next day. So that you can remember your important works and tasks. This will make your day more productive and tension-free.

For Example,

  • What to prepare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
  • Layout clothes for kids etc;

Turn on Do not disturb:

7 things you should do before going to bed

Probably, all our day ends with looking mobile at before going to bed. My dear ladies, please avoid this habit…..just try it, it will create some great impact on your life….

Talk to your spouse:

7 things you should do before going to bed

Spent time with your husband/wife. Make time to chat with one another. Talks what makes each of you happy.  Talk to each other about your life goals.


7 things you should do before going to bed

Stop think about everything. sit and do meditation for at least 20 minutes it makes your body and mind fresh and relax.

These are the important things to do before going to bed to make your morning more happier. Stay tuned for my next interesting topic. Stay happy and healthier….!!!!!!!

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