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Hai my beautiful ladies…Welcome to just for my hub fam. How are you all? And Today we are going to see Amazing hair pack using a miracle hibiscus powder

Are you worrying of losing your hair? Or it might get thinner day by day? Then you should start using this hibiscus hair pack for all your hair prblems.

Did you know the bright red color blooms of hibiscus can do amazing things for your hair?

Benefits of hibiscus:

Hibiscus is used from ages and was used by our grandparents to their hair problems

  • Hibiscus is one of the best herbs used for hair growth
  • Hibiscus flower contains carotene which restricts graying of hair at a very early stage
  • It is rich in vitamin c tat boosts collagen and it strengthens your hair
  • It also helps to condition your hair preventing from breakage
  • Hibiscus leaves prevents split Ends and keeps your hair hydrated
  • It treats dandruff and itchiness in the scalp
  • If you are suffering from the week hair roots, then hibiscus flower can be the most ideal remedy
  • Hibiscus coats your hair and gives shine naturally

Hibiscus hair pack:

  • Take few hibiscus flowers grind it well and makes into a smooth paste. Mix the paste with half cup curd. Apply to your hair roots and leave it for one hour.This promotes hair growth and makes your hair silky.
  • Take few hibiscus leaves and few curry leaves grind it well with a one tbsp of coconut oil or you may sesame oil and blend it well. Apply this pack all over your hair and leave it untill it dry. Then wash it off with mild shampoos
  • For dandruff, blend 5-7 hibiscus leaves and mix with aloe vera gel and apply. Use this once in a week to get rid of dandruff and itchy problems

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