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Incredible benefits of carrot oil

Hey Beautieezz..! welcome to justformyhub fam. How are you all? I’m with my next blog about carrot oil…Here we are going to see the enormous benefits of carrot for our skin, hair, and health….let see how this works and how to use it? Before going to the topic here is the small info about carrots.

Carrots do not just taste great. It has so many nutritional values like vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin C.

Benefits of carrot for skin:

Incredible benefits of carrot oil
Incredible benefits of carrot oil
  1. Carrots are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. It improves skin tone and prevails you from discoloration.
  2. Consumption of carrot juice act as a natural sunblock.
  3. It contains vitamin C that aids collagen production and prevents anti-aging.
  4. It is also known as skin friendly nutrient because it contains beta carotene.

Benefits of carrot for hair:

Incredible benefits of carrot oil
Incredible benefits of carrot oil
  1. It stimulates hair growth.
  2. It improves the blood circulation in your scalp for better hair growth.
  3. It prevents premature grey hair.
  4. It gives you soft shiny healthy hair.

Health benefits of carrot:

Incredible benefits of carrot oil
Incredible benefits of carrot oil
  1. It is very good for your eyes. It improves eyesight.
  2. It has abundant of beta carotene that converts vitamin A in the liver.
  3. It improves kidney function.
  4. It boosts our immune system.

Let see how to make carrot oil for extra nourishment on your skin and hair.

  • Carrot – 2 nos
  • Virgin coconut oil – 1/2 liter
  • First, wash all the carrots and cut into small pieces.
  • Blend it well without adding water
  • Switch on the flame heat the coconut oil until it comes to warm temperature.
  • Then add carrot mixture into the oil.
  • Keep it on low flame and stir it well.
  • After a few minutes, it becomes a golden yellow color.
  • Leave it for a few hours then strain and store in an airtight glass jar.

How to use?

  • Before going to bed apply it on your scalp and massage it well and morning take a shower.
  • Use this oil for your hair two or more times per week.
  • Apply this oil on your face and neck for extra glow on your skin. This helps to prevent your skin from anti-aging.
  • you can use a few drops of carrot oil in salads too.

Okay girls try this oil and comment me how it works for you? If you like this blog, share it with your kith and kins.

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